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Women's Health After Motherhood

FREE open online course starts again on 20th January 2020 (available in English, Spanish and Dutch).

Co-designed by women (mothers), maternity care clinicians, women's health physiotherapists, mental health experts, and researchers in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, the course is all about what women in the MAMMI study ( told us they wish they had known.

The content:

Helps women to identify health issues and problems that are common, but not normal;

Offers practical tips and strategies that women can take to improve their health;

Helps women to know when to seek professional help, and know how to speak to healthcare professionals about sensitive health issues.

The course is for women and their partners, and for maternity care professionals to use as a resource to complement their practice.

To register, just use your phone camera to take a picture of the barcode below and follow the link, or click here Futurelearn

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