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The main aim of the DMRS is to provide a platform for dissemination of maternal and child health research (ideally but not exclusively) at pre and post-doctoral level. It is an open resource of support and information for all childbirth researchers from every nationality and country in the world.

Who funds the DMRS?

The DMRS is funded by the Health and Social Care Research & Development (HSC R&D) Division of the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland. 

Format of meetings

The DMRS meets every year and the meetings are usually organized in the following manner:

0900 - 1300 hours

  • Introduction and update on research from the President

  • Professorial keynote on a specific research method

  • pre-doctoral research presentations

  • post-doctoral presentations

  • social media research update / presentation

  • PPI representative presentation

  • Parent presentation

  • Funding opportunities from the R&D Office

  • Policy briefing (when possible)

1400- 1545

The afternoon session will usually be a research workshop with members of PPI groups, students, politicians and researchers.

Annual events

Annual Calendar events (open and free to the public) include:

  • The annual Spotlight on Breastfeeding Research (usually first Friday in November)

  • World Birth Defects Day 3 March

  • Fetal Alcohol Awareness Day 9th September every year

Additional events may be organized. Members will be sent email alerts to identify events that the DMRS will be contributing to, such as world awareness or research days.


Full membership of the Society is normally available to all registered, certified or licenced midwives, nurse-midwives, obstetric nurses, medical and allied health professional staff from within higher education and practice development who hold a doctoral degree or are currently studying towards a doctoral degree from any institution worldwide. However, others  involved in childbirth research are encouraged to apply for full memberhsip and each application will be considered on an individual basis.

Associate and Affiliated memberships are also available.

The Doctoral Midwifery Research Society (DMRS) has been founded by Ireland’s first Professor of Midwifery Research, Professor Marlene Sinclair, at Ulster University, Northern Ireland and is currently funded by the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency HSC/R&D Office


Membership benefits

  • Free attendance at all meetings

  • Email alerts

  • Networking opportunities including social media

  • Access to keynote lectures and presentations  (YouTube)

  • Presenters have fast tracking access to publications in The Royal College of Midwives, Evidence Based Midwifery Journal

  • All members will be able to access all published papers in EBM

  • Opportunities to present your research by poster or oral presentation

  • Webinars will also be offered

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