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Join the Doctoral Midwifery Research Society for the Spotlight on Breastfeeding Research 2020 conference


The fourth annual Spotlight on Breastfeeding Research conference takes place in an unprecedented time when the whole world is fighting COVID-19 and breastfeeding has been the subject of many guidelines, consumer queries and research.

As usual, we bring you the most up to date research in breastfeeding from those who are currently engaged in supporting women, writing policy, working in practice and engaged in research.

This year’s image depicts the new everyday life of the new mother during COVID-19 who can receive online support for breastfeeding and engage in online research with us.

In addition, it symbolizes the standard operating practices for all of us who need to follow social distancing guidelines and wherever possible stay at home and engage online.

This year our event will be 100% online and we are proud to be working with renowned and trusted colleagues at Neil Stewart Associates who have become well known for the production and management of major midwifery events in the UK in the past 10 years. We will be live on the day and the event will be available on demand.

The Doctoral Midwifery Research Society is funded by the Health and Social Care Research & Development Division of the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland and the Ulster University Maternal, Fetal and Infant Research Centre.

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Conference Speakers


Professor Marlene Sinclair

Head of the Maternal, Fetal and Infant Research Centre, Ulster University and Founder and President of the Doctoral Midwifery Research Society


Professor Amy Brown

Professor of Child Public Health


Janet Calvert, RM, MSc

Regional Breastfeeding Lead, Public Health Agency


Dr Maria Herron

Co-founder of Infant Feeding Ireland


Sharon Guille

PhD Researcher Ulster University


Mary Jo Chesnel

PhD Researcher Queen's University Belfast


Rachel Black, MSc

PhD Researcher Ulster University


Dr Laura Hutchinson

Supervising Pharmacist


Professor Soo Downe

Professor of Midwifery Studies, OBE

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