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Professor Marlene Sinclair

Professor Marlene Sinclair

PhD MEd Post Graduate Diploma in Education BSc RNT RM RN

Specialist certificate in Neuromedicine/Neurosurgery

Current employment: Chair in Midwifery Research at the Universityof Ulster (2007)

Marlene has over twenty years of experience in highereducation and is Ireland’sfirst professor of midwifery research. She received a personal chair from the University of Ulster in 2007.  

Her ambition is to develop clinical midwifery researchers’at doctoral and post doctoral level; to build research leadership and capacityof midwives, locally, nationally and internationally. To date, she hassuccessfully supervised 12 PhD students and proudly holds an honorary contractwith the Ulster Maternity Unit. Her specialist area of research is birthtechnology and her PhD completed in 1999 was titled: “Midwives Readiness to UseHigh Technology in the Labour Ward: Implications for Education and Training. In2007, she established the world’s first research society for midwives:  The Doctoral Midwifery Research Society  (DMRS funded by the NI R&D Office)

Marlene is currently the founder and editor of RCMEvidence Based Midwifery. She was elected as a member of RCM Council in 2005,re-elected in 2009 and is an active member of the RCM Education and ResearchCommittee and the RCM Steering Group for Normal Birth. She has recently beenappointed to the RCOG Wellbeing Research Committee and the new ResearchExcellence Framework (REF2014) panel. Marlene has served on many majoruniversity committees including: Senate, Research and Innovation, Ethics, andthe Institute of Nursing Research.